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I am passionate about helping people find emotional freedom and relief quickly from their emotional wounds, especially from grief and loss related to death, divorce, and childhood trauma.  I love to help my clients find their way out of the powerlessness of deep grief and when they're ready, move up the emotional scale to gratitude, hope, and optimism -- and enjoy life again.  One-on-one sessions, either in person or by telephone, are the heart of my practice.  I love teaching and speaking as well.

My ability to work with grieving individuals and my deep knowing, open heart, and compassion are the result of a divorce six years ago which re-opened the unexpressed grief I felt when my father died when I was 15. The process has been painful and I found EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and coaching to be tremendously helpful in rebuilding my life, and I am devoted to helping others find a similar path out of grief.

I often hear from my clients that I am gifted, and that they are amazed by my ability to know and put into words what they had not allowed themselves to admit or express, even to themselves.  I am acknowledged for my compassion, empathy, intuition, and my ability to help people release core issues and feel better.

A bit about my path:

I graduated from SUNY Buffalo with a degree in English Literature.  I began my inquiry into psychology and consciousness with the est training (now Landmark) and then worked at est's main headquarters in San Francisco for several years.

I began studying yoga at the same time and currently teach yoga to a delightful group of middle-aged men and women in Eldorado, outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In 1981, I had the good fortune to be introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu  and in 1982, began study with Mary Burmeister, the master responsible for bringing Jin Shin Jyutsu to the United States.  I continued studying with Mary until 1989, when Mary had an injury and turned the reigns over to her senior students.  I continue to study with internationally recognized instructors until this day.  I am a Certified Practitioner as well as a Certified Self-Help instructor.

I was introduced to EFT, Buddhism, and the Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham-Hicks in 2001 and have been studying ever since.  I am awed by the profound power of EFT, especially in combination with Jin Shin Jyutsu.  I  have my EFT-ADV certification and my primary EFT teachers and influences are Gary Craig, Carol Look and Margaret Lynch.  As well as other workshops and the ACEP conference, I had the good fortune to attend Carol Look's "Vibrational Approach to Healing" Workshop in Denver, which included presentations by many of the EFT Masters, including Karl Dawson, Rue Hass, Emma Beers, etc.

I have participated in many of Debbie Ford's programs and often incorporate her work, as well as the Work of Byron Katie, and several of the EFT cousins, including TAT and Matrix Reimprinting  into my work.

Along with Abraham-Hicks, I am inspired by the teachings of The Communion of Light, who add a rich dimension to my multi-faceted toolbox.

I am guided by an affirmation I learned from Abraham-Hicks:  "I, Andi Sutherland, seek and draw to me through Divine Love, those beings who seek enlightenment through my process.  The sharing will elevate us both now."

If that's you, I welcome you.




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