Healing From the Heart Energy Medicine

Transforming the Thoughts and Vibrational Patterns that Keep You Stuck

An EFT Tapping and Law of Attraction Workshop
with Andi Sutherland

Old familiar stories. 

Limiting beliefs you know are true or that are subconscious. 

Negative emotions, especially shame and fear.  Possibly even desperation.

Lack.  Not enough. 

If the time has come for you to have a new relationship with money, especially how much cash you have, please join me for this workshop where we're going to knock it out of the park and have your relationship transform.

Life is too short to be worrying about money all the time.

Cash is too important in our society
to deny yourself the freedom of choice you're wanting.

Wouldn't it be nice to have enough cash to spend, save, invest, give away and donate wherever/whenever you want?

Let's do this together.  We need to change our vibrational patterns so that we can attract the cash we want.  Money is waiting for us to open our metaphoric faucet, which we close every time we think we can't afford something, or it's SO expensive, or obviously there's a very limited supply -- for me!!

EFT Tapping is the perfect tool to change your vibration.  And you can do it yourself at any time.  You'll learn how to tap if you don't know how already.

Knowledge of how the Law of Attraction works is essential for consciously, deliberately creating what we want.  Because we're always creating what we think about, whether we want it or not.

Group tapping is fun and powerful.

The support of the group is always palpable and moving.

We'll tap as a group and then I'll tap with individuals as time allows.  You'll receive what's called Borrowed Benefits even if we don't tap on your individual issue.  But we probably will. 

You never have to reveal anything personal if you choose not to.

Although I've separated the workshop into two parts, it's certain that some of the topics to be covered will co-mingle in each part, yet each workshop will be free standing. Come to one or both if you can.

No prior tapping experience is necessary.

Workshop Details

Part I

Tribal & Family History
Lack & Limiting Beliefs
Creating Anew
Friday, March 18th

9:00 to 11:30 am

Santa Fe Community Foundation

501 Halona Street



Part II

Mistakes & Debt
Difficult Emotions
Creating Anew

Friday, April 8th

9:00 to 11:30 am

Santa Fe Community Foundation

501 Halona Street


Early Bird Price:  $59.00 if you pay before April 8th

$108 for Parts I & II 

You can register here by PayPal or credit card.

Registration Options

Call me if you have any questions at 505-466-3207 or
if you'd prefer to register by check or cash.

I promise we'll have fun.

One of our workshop participants, after clearing a limiting belief,
won a brand new SUV the day after the workshop!

I definitely cannot guarantee that kind of results for you. 

However, I can guarantee that you'll receive great value.
 If not, I'll happily refund your money. 
No questions asked.

If it's time for you to heal your relationship with money, I hope you'll come.

Registration Options

Looking forward to seeing you!

Again, if you have any questions or want to pay by check or cash,
give me a call at 505-466-3207
send me an email

Andi Sutherland & Co.
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