Healing From the Heart Energy Medicine
Transforming Your Relationship with Money
An EFT Tapping Workshop

How's your relationship with money?

Is it a good friend who's always there for you?

Or is it an "enemy" that's always eluding you, abandoning you, and betraying you?

Using EFT Tapping, the most sought-after energy psychology tool on the planet, as well as other energy therapy tools, you'll get very clear about your current relationship with money and then begin the process of transforming it into the relationship you want.  One that's reliable, trustworthy and full of joy.

"This is a follow-up to the "Creating the Vibration of Wealth" class, which Jennifer and I took from you on March 21st.  At the conclusion of the class, we were so excited because we believed that the class had dealt with precisely the issues that were blocking us from achieving wealth.  
The day following the class, Jennifer went out to Camel Rock Casino and her name was drawn from a barrel of tickets to win $100 of free gas.  In addition to this, she became one of only 32 people qualified to select a key for a chance to win a 2014 GMC Terrain SUV.  The drawing for the vehicle was held later on that night.  Everyone selected a key in the order that they had qualified in this promotion, which meant that Jennifer was 29 out of 32.  When it was her turn to select her key, there were only 3 keys left to choose from.  But after everyone had selected a key, it was revealed that Jennifer's key was the winner!
Thank you, Andi, for clearing our blocks with the tapping technique to allow wealth to manifest itself into our lives so quickly.  We hope that others in the class were able to receive wealth into their lives just as quickly as we did."

  If it's time for you to transform your money situation,
please join us.

Friday, May 2nd

at the

Santa Fe Community Foundation
501 Halona Street
Santa Fe, NM


9:00 - 11:30 a.m.

It's an experiential workshop.

"Wealth Success keeps entering our lives!  Jennifer and I went to the Santa Fe Home Show at the Convention Center over the weekend and Jennifer signed up for a drawing from the Santa Fe Home Builders Association (SFHBA) for a chance to win $100 in cash.  I just received a call from the SFHBA that Jennifer's name was picked from all of the entries over the two-day event to win the $100 prize!
Once again, this is validation that when you open your lives to receiving wealth, the universe responds in interesting and wonderful ways!  Thanks again, Andi, for your workshop which has enabled us to open our lives to Wealth Success."

You'll tap away your limiting beliefs and negative emotions. 

You'll be tapping along with the other participants, using EFT Tapping, one of the most remarkable and acclaimed energy psychology techniques on the planet. 

Group tapping is powerful.

"This workshop is great for anyone who struggles with money issues.  It's comforting to know I am not alone, and when I left, I felt supported and loved."

You'll be receiving what's called "borrowed benefits.
  Your stress level about your personal issues will dramatically reduce as you tap along with the volunteers.

You won't have to reveal any information about your individual situation.

"I appreciate the "sacred container" we created here together to allow each person to be as vulnerable (or not) that they needed to be for change and growth to happen."

You'll also learn how to use this fabulous leading-edge technique on your own.

"Great workshop!  Gives me hope and tools to use to change my money story, relationship story, and my story about my impact on people and the world!"

Since I want everybody who has money issues to be able to come,
I've priced this at just $49 (including NM tax).

You can register here by PayPal or credit card.

"I appreciated Andi's kind and supportive way of responding to whatever comes up.  She is a great facilitator of energy movement. The workshop was well planned and really got to the core of money and wealth related issues and possibilities."

Call me if have any questions or
if you'd prefer to pay by check or cash. 


This is going to fast-paced, fun, and profound.

"It is an eye-opening experience to realize that we share so many of the same worries and shame about money.  We are not unique in these concerns.  EFT is an amazing tool to release these worries and the tension we hold with it."

It will shift your energy and vibration,
which will allow more money, wealth, and success into your life.

You will feel relief.

If money has been your challenge,
please come.

"This workshop released me from anxiety and shame and gave me peace and hope.  My potential is much clearer. 
Thank you Andi!"

You can register here.

I look forward to seeing you on the 2nd.

*All the highlighted quotes are testimonials from the past two EFT Tapping for Money Workshops.

Andi Sutherland