Healing From the Heart Energy Medicine
An EFT Tapping Workshop
Using EFT Tapping, the most sought-after energy psychology tool on the planet, we'll release the endless loop of money worries trapped in your nervous system, including the fear of running out of money and never having enough.  We'll also address money traumas including bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, inheritances, loss of jobs, etc.

Tuesday, Feburary 25th

at the

Santa Fe Community Foundation
501 Halona Street
Santa Fe, NM


9:00 - 11:30 a.m.

It's an experiential workshop.

You'll tap away your limiting beliefs and negative emotions. 

You'll be tapping along with the other participants, using EFT Tapping, one of the most remarkable and acclaimed energy psychology techniques on the planet. 

Group tapping is powerful.

You'll be receiving what's called "borrowed benefits.
  Your stress level about your personal issues will dramatically reduce as you tap along with the volunteers.

You won't have to reveal any information about your individual situation.

You'll also learn how to use this fabulous leading-edge technique on your own.

Since I want everybody who has money issues to be able to come,
I've priced this at just $37 (+ tax).

You can register here by PayPal or credit card.

Call me if you have any questions at 505-466-3207 or
if you'd prefer to register by check or cash.

This is going to fast-paced, fun, and profound.

It will shift your energy and vibration,
which will allow more money, wealth, and success into your life.

You will feel relief.

If money worries or money traumas are your challenge,
please come.

You can register here.

I look forward to seeing you on the 25th.

Andi Sutherland