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IT'S NOT ABOUT THE FOOD:  A Conscious Journey to Self-Love

  Ending the Emotional Causes of your Weight, Food, and
Eating Issues with EFT Tapping and Other Energy Therapy Tools

"A year ago, I joined a phenomenal group of women for Andi’s EFT (Tapping) Program on 'It’s Not About the Food.' I had been working with Andi for several years and felt that I would gain new insights and ways to help myself around weight and food challenges. Little did I know that the positive effects would be on-going! I have a more natural consciousness around food choices and the reasons why I ate mindlessly. Andi’s guidance as “lead tapper” comes from years of experience in the healing arts and from her own authentic journey. Her sense of humor and play supplanted the guilt and seriousness around body image, relationship with food and how we process progress. In this six-week workshop, you'll uncover and release the emotional causes of your weight problems, food cravings and eating issues." 

If you join us for this class, you'll let go of the issues that have been running you, possibly robbing you of your ability to enjoy life fully.

You'll shift your focus from self-sabotage to cherishing and nurturing yourself in all ways, including eating. 

You'll become present and conscious with your food. 

You'll have more self-love in your life.

We'll address and clear emotional issues including:

•Lack/Not enough
•Identity Issues
•Family Loyalty
•Fear of Failure

We'll address head-on the shame of it all;  we'll even use the F A T word.

We'll look at the physiology of cravings and addictions, especially sugar.

We'll look at adopting new, healthy food habits -- without struggle.

We'll spend time on forgiveness.

The beauty of this course is that we won't just talk about all of this; we'll primarily use EFT, a fabulous energy psychology tool, as well as other energy therapy tools to help clear, release and let go of the difficult emotional issues that cause you to eat. We'll replace them with consciousness, presence and self-love. You'll have choice around food, possibly for the first time in years.

Imagine how much more time, money, and energy you'll have when this isn't an issue for you anymore.

The group is limited to 7 participants so that intimacy is maintained and there is ample time for each person to share.

All sessions and calls will be recorded and sent to you.

The cost for the program is two payments of $249

or one payment of $459.

This includes 6 weekly group meetings plus a bonus follow-up potluck session, a weekly group call, unlimited private e-mails, and one 30-minute private EFT phone session.  Recordings of each session will also be provided.

An upgrade is also available that includes an additional 90-minute private
session during the course of the program for just $100 extra, a $191 value.

You can pay by check or credit card on PayPal.

"Since the completion of the course, I have felt in much better control of my eating.  Recalling our group discussions, visualizations and understanding of "tapping," have all helped to decrease the cravings.  Andi has continued to follow-up on our progress, and the entire group has stayed in touch, meeting for dinner on a monthly basis."

If the time has come for you to deal with your weight and food issue once and for all, you won't want to miss this opportunity.

My intention is for this to be the last weight program you ever do.
(How much time and money have you spent on this already?)

My intention is also for you to have all the relief, support and tools you need to transform your life about this issue.

Plus, if this group is anything like the last one, you'll share in the experience of being witnessed and supported by a wonderful, loving group of people.


 As a result of the program, I have been more self-directed with exercise and healthier selections and less critical of myself.  The best and most helpful part was the companionship of bright, loving, non-judgmental women, led by Andi. What started as discussions around food, and sometimes around where we failed, shifted into sharing our personal growth, success in transformation and a focus on the goodness we are infusing into the world.

INATF is a class that will uplift your soul and empower you to joyfully embrace the beauty of YOU!"


Here's the recording of the preview call held
for our last class:

"As a result of taking Andi's class I am more aware of when I am emotionally eating and when I am hungry. Having the support of the group has helped me see that I am not alone in this journey. Being able to work on the shame that comes with eating struggles has had a huge impact on how I treat myself now and the safety and support of the group and Andi is profound."

If you're ready and this is what you've been asking for,
please call me to discuss being in the program at

  (505) 466-3207. 

More Comments from the last group's participants:

Thank you, Andi, for getting at the heart of being overweight, which is usually what (other than food) is eating my heart out! I enjoyed my time with you and the company of a small band of women who were willing to share their challenges and vulnerability. Powerfully motivating . . . and the results are showing in my thinking, choosing and “bottom” line.  ~Patty O'Sullivan, Ph.D.

This class really IS about loving and accepting oneself more, and therefore one's body, too. And that turns out to be one of the big keys to making healthier choices... for food, for movement and, most importantly, of the thoughts we think and say about ourselves. Thank you to Andi for her wise and thoughtful progression of the class, and for what we were able to release through the EFT. It's all helped me begin to 'tell a different story' to myself about my body and my relationship to food. I'm very appreciative of Andi's expertise and loving guidance... and to all of the other women in our group who created such a safe space!

Oh, and did I mention that Andi made sure that we all had a lot of fun, too!   ~K.

Andi provides a safe space and a new way of thinking positively about ourselves and what's important to us.  Her emotional support, sharing of resource information and follow-up are extraordinary and greatly appreciated.  ~S.L.

If you have any questions or you already know this is the right program for you, please call me at (505) 466-3207 or send me an e-mail by clicking here.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If after the second session, you decide the group isn't for you, you'll receive your full payment back with no questions asked.  That's two full weeks to decide.

  There's nothing to lose -- except the emotional causes of your weight issues!

Don't wait.  Contact me now.


You'll be glad you did.


Andi Sutherland