healing the stories that hurt your heart


"When I contacted Andi I was in a place of severe emotional pain, despair, grief, fear, and anger due to life circumstances, loss and choices from my past. Medication for depression and weekly therapy sessions were not shifting my moods or changing the general tone of my pain. I was truly not myself and desperate to feel normal again. I was willing to try anything.
     After my first session with Andi I felt a significance difference in the negative energy filling my body. The emotional pain that I had previously felt had lightened and I finally gained some relief which, was relieving in itself. Andi is a loving, kind, and accepting soul that makes feeling and being vulnerable, light instead of hard, heavy and impossible. I looked forward to my sessions with her immensely. Working with Andi has changed my life. I was able to address a lifetime of painful emotions, regrets, grief, loss and addictions. The most valuable part about the work with Andi, is her willingness to teach and support you in bringing tapping into your own daily life." -L.R. Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor  

"I saw a TV show and YouTube videos where tapping had relieved people of  their chronic pain.  I found Andi on the internet and seeing her was the best thing I ever did.  I’m a retired police officer and had gone  through counseling for PTSD so I knew what the issues were when I started tapping.  Andi was able to guide me through the events and the pain in my back and legs went away.  We started with a couple of childhood issues going back 60 years and worked our way forward and after about 8 sessions I was a changed person.  I would encourage anyone to try this and my only regret is that I did not do so 30 years ago."  ~S., NM

"I came to Andi because I was encountering a lot of angry people on a daily basis at my job which was triggering me into a lot of daily anxiety and lingering depression.  After tapping with Andi I realized how much of it had to do with the fact that my fear of anger was actually attracting it into my life.  It was not until I dealt with that fear from my past that I could heal that part of my childhood and no longer fear anger the way that I used to.  I am happy to say that I have not encountered a single angry person at work since my session with Andi." ~ RT, Santa Fe

"Through kind and gentle guidance, Andi listened to me and identified the beliefs that prevent me from reaching my potential.  She tapped on her own body while I tapped on mine, saying phrases that brought out into the open my hidden thoughts.  It was easy for me to mirror her movements and statements while adding a few of my own to accentuate her words.  Because she participated in my release I didn't feel alone or self-conscious.  Through this process we accessed beliefs hidden in my cells and brought them into the light, cleansing them and replacing them with healthy statements. The Jin Shin Jyutsu session following the EFT was relaxing and restful.  It was a perfect union of active work and passively receiving healing and balancing on a cellular level.  The work that we did that day continued for several days. Thank you for your compassion and caring!"  ~ ED, Santa Fe 

"I'm happy to share with you that I'm doing VERY WELL... I have joy, peace & laughter back in my life again and I'm feeling so grateful to have gotten through my process in a relatively short period of time.  Thank you for all your support & healing.  I give you and EFT a lot of credit for the speedy recovery!" ~JJ, Santa Fe  

"When I originally contacted Andi Sutherland, I was in the midst of a  very difficult divorce proceeding after a 17-year marriage. I was  experiencing an intense amount of sadness, grief and loss.  Also, given  this was my fourth marriage, the sense of failure and heartbreak was  immeasurable.  

     ...My life has taken on a remarkably different emotional tone, as joy, laughter and harmony are now the primary experience of my relationship  life. I highly recommend Andi Sutherland, her compassion, insight and  professionalism is exceptional, as well as her ability to provide a safe  and peaceful reprieve from the emotional grind that was my life before  beginning this work with her."  ~FD, Santa Fe

"I have to say THANK YOU for your powerful healing presence!  Since  working with you 10 days ago, I've watched in amazement as my  perspective on the past has changed from one of the being enmeshed in  the old story to one of appreciation and gratitude for all the  experiences that brought me to this moment.  The most practical aspect  of this is that I am more and more aware of the abundance of love,  friendship, wellbeing, wealth, and all good things in my lfe than ever  before.  Thank you Andi." ~Frank Butterfield

"Thank you for such a  powerful EFT session. You take EFT to a whole new level. I felt an  energy boost during and after the session. You are such an intuitive and  gifted healer."          ~Pamela, NJ 

"...I found her to be compassionate, extremely sensitive to my experiences,  affirmative and very professional. She helped me resolve painful  experiences from my childhood with remarkable skill and sensitivity." ~Maria, NY  

"...She also guided me through the painful process of saying out loud all the  thoughts that I had trapped in my head from trauma and abuse. Her  amazing intuition and warm and gentle personality helped to guide me  safely and completely through things I have always had trouble verbalizing to anyone." ~Alan, Santa F

Testimonials Regarding Grief and Loss

"I originally contacted Andi Sutherland in July.  I was in the  midst of a very difficult divorce proceeding after a seventeen year  marriage. I was experiencing an intense amount of sadness, grief and  loss.  Also, given this was my fourth marriage, the sense of failure and  heartbreak was immeasurable.

My work with Andi proved to be extremely beneficial as I was able to  address a lifelong pattern that began in my childhood. This had been the  setup for the pattern of rejection that I was feeling. My sessions then  continued to reveal the base cause of my poor choices in relationship,  and set the tone for the relief from my pain and the capacity to move  into a very healthy relationship that now appears to be the love and  connection I’ve always longed for.
    My life has taken on a remarkably different emotional tone, as joy,  laughter and harmony are now the primary experience of my relationship  life. I highly recommend Andi Sutherland, her compassion, insight and  professionalism is exceptional, as well as her ability to provide a safe  and peaceful reprieve from the emotional grind that was my life before  beginning this work with her." ~FD, Santa Fe  

"The last few years have been tough on me in that I have lost three dogs. Losing my last dog was the worst as I wasn't home when she passed.  Andi suggested a tapping session and I agreed. A few years ago when I lost my Husky, I didn't realize how much I was hurting until Andi worked with me. I let all my despair out. The same thing happened with my latest loss.  I felt so much better.  I  released my grief and came to terms with my loss. I can't begin to tell you how much of a skeptic I was before my first session. I am no more. ~ SH, Santa Fe


"As a practicing coach and hypnotherapist I know there are modalities that provide quick and real results.  However, when it came to my own stuff I was at the proverbial brick wall.  I was very stuck in grief and my inability to move through it was confusing and frustrating.  In a one-hour session Andi was able to unlock trauma from almost three decades ago that was still playing in my background so to speak, and playing into my current grief.  Andi is amazing and I am grateful to her for her skill, insight, and mostly her genuine compassion, which allowed me to open up enough to heal."  ~LMH, Washington

"I cannot thank you enough for working me through the grief that has haunted me for five years since the death of my late husband.  I can now speak of him without crying and can feel his positive energy enveloping me.  The session with you was one of JOY - laughing and crying go well together. I am also able to forgive myself for poor choices and to move on with the main passions in my life - my painting and my friends." ~ DP, Santa Fe
 "Andi helped me release a lot of pain and grief regarding my Mother's death, primarily using EFT.  I recommend her whole-heartedly."  ~ KC, Santa Fe                                                                                                                                            
"During 4 sessions with Andi,  I was continually amazed at her ability to get quickly to the heart of whatever issue I raised. While ostensibly working to resolve a long- standing creative writing block, Andi's sensitive and thoughtful questions evoked the experience of an unexpressed grief dating back to  my childhood. Never would I have imagined that I had been holding on to that pain for all those years. She guided me through a ritual of closure, and afterwards I felt as if some dark place had been illuminated and filled with peace."          ~Michele, Santa Fe
 Anxiety & More

"I found Andi Sutherland on the internet after stumbling across a tapping website and searching for practitioners in my area.  I was experiencing increasingly severe anxiety attacks that had been ongoing for close to a year when I found her.  I liked that in addition to the tapping (a technique that I had only read about) she also has training in grief counseling and experience dealing with emotional trauma.  I was having trouble letting go of a lot of anger towards my family.  I had a difficult childhood--not as terrible as some, but troublesome enough to be causing problems in my adult life.
    I tend to be a skeptic when it comes to alternative medicine and extremely self-reliant and averse to asking for help, but I knew I didn't want to start taking medication.  It was hard to schedule the first session, but even after my first phone conversation with Andi, she was able to put me totally at ease and I felt really comfortable working with her.  She recommended I sign up for just  5 sessions.  I love that her technique is to equip you with the tools you need to manage your own anxiety (or whatever issues you are dealing with) and that the therapy sessions aren't intended to last forever. 
   In those 5 sessions, we explored the things that were the source of my anxiety together and she taught me several tapping techniques that I can do anywhere that really helped to dispel the feelings of chest tightness, shortness of breath and constant panic that had become a daily reality.  The biggest improvement has been that I now actually feel in control of my anxiety and have the ability to rationalize it and dissipate it whereas before it felt like something that was happening TO me that was beyond my control.
   Andi is such a loving, down-to-earth person with a fantastic sense of humor and incredible emotional intelligence and intuition.  I am so glad that I found her.  It has been 3 months since our last session and I have been almost anxiety free.  In the rare moments that I do experience it now, I have a much greater awareness of what it causing it and through that consciousness and the tapping techniques that Andi taught me I am able to keep it at bay.          As a result, I am happier, more carefree and more productive and creative.  I am also so grateful." ~MF, Santa Fe

"I met Andi Sutherland at an all-day women's wellness event in Santa Fe.  Never having heard of "tapping," I had no notion of what to do or what to expect from the demonstration.  I simply followed Andi's lead addressing my issue of being an emotional wreck.  Geez, i couldn't even hear the Star Spangled Banner without breaking down in inappropriate and uncontrollable tears.  It was embarrassing!  Yet, after a 10 minute introductory session with Andi, I was automatically communicating as a vital and articulate adult.  The former emotional rag had unexpectedly vanished.
    Dreading my upcoming role as mother-of-the-bride I scheduled a full session with Andi.  I brought a veritable laundry list of anxieties.  How could I face my former husband?  How could I take the pulpit and address the congregation as requested?  What should I pack?  How should I act? Well, one Andi Sutherland session later, I was looking forward to the same wedding that I had so feared attending.
    As a retired person I found my days so vacant--days of too much sleep, too much TV and yet too listless to read a book.  After spelling out my life of inertia to Andi, we did her thing.  I now participate fully in life.  I exercise, have dates, give lectures, attend meetings and, after a 40-year hiatus, I have returned to the potter's wheel.  Most importantly, I laugh.
    Think up an issue, any issue, and go see Andi Sutherland.  She will change your life!" ~JC,SF
                                                                                                  "I have to say THANK YOU  for your powerful healing presence!  Since working with you 10 days ago,  I've watched in amazement as my perspective on the past has changed  from one of being enmeshed in the old story to one of appreciation and  gratitude for all the experiences that brought me to this moment.  The   most practical aspect of this is that I am more and more aware of the  abundance of love, friendship, wellbeing, wealth, and all good things in  my life than eve before. Thank you, Andi." ~Frank Butterfield

My EFT session with Andi Sutherland was really huge for me. Hardly knowing me at all, she zeroed right in on exactly the work to be done, even though I was completely fuzzy on it.
    Andi led me right through by an incredibly efficient route to lift a number of massive weights off my shoulders. Then she turned me around to shuttle that new-found freedom right into my creative work. It was such an artful session, with a beautiful beginning and ending that amplified the results and good vibration.
    In my dream that night, I got my "report" back with a wonderful grade scrawled across it in purple from   my inner child!" Julie, PA~        

"Andi possessed an ability to not only guide me through the function of practicing EFT, but she also guided me through the painful process of saying out loud all the thoughts that I had trapped in my head from trauma and abuse.  Her amazing intuition and warm and gentle personality helped to guide me safely and completely through things I have always had trouble verbalizing  to anyone.  This talent and skill is imperative I think in being an effective EFT practitioner.  She dove well beyond the mechanics and surface thoughts, and helped guide me to yank out deep repressed thoughts and the horrible feelings that happen as a result.  This has helped me challenge these thoughts and bad habits, and finally start to release decades of fear and anxiety and depression.   She truly has more knowledge than you could imagine, and knows how to perfectly apply it to your own needs."                               Fe
"When Andi and I started working together I didn’t have a lot of hope that things would change for me.  I was holding onto a lot of anger and sadness and just felt unhappy and like everything was hard in my life.  Nothing currently was horrible, but it seemed like a huge burden to go on living for the next 30, 40, 50 years feeling like I was day after day.  I had tried many things, personal development book, seminars, I was even doing EFT on my own and had gotten some good results, but I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  
     What I wanted was to be happy and feel joy in my life.
     I had a lot of negative, angry thoughts running around in my head that I had tried and tried to control, but I never seemed to be able to.  I had a fairly significant event in my childhood involving the tragic death of a friend that Andi and I worked on and very quickly I felt complete and did not need to carry around the burden of that memory anymore. That was a big accomplishment, however, I still felt like something, somewhere was blocking me from feeling happy and I still had those negative thoughts that were so hard for me to control.  I actually don’t know what it was, I don’t’ remember a specific memory or event that we worked on, but whatever Andi did in the next session was what I needed.  I found my thoughts were not so hard to control anymore, I was feeling good, very good.  Happy.  
I remember driving to work, the way I usually do, and thinking to myself, “I wonder if this is what normal people feel like?”  I was just happy, nothing had happened to make me happy, like a promotion or celebration or the traffic light turning green, I could just simply feel happy.  I’m truly grateful for the caring, non-judgmental, way that Andi worked with me.  And for her intuition, sensitivity, whatever it was, to get to the bottom of what was going on with me, when I didn’t know, and remove whatever was blocking me from feeling good again.  Huge accomplishment! 
 ~ JP, St. Louis
  "Andi Sutherland is a phonemenal EFT coach. The first time I talked with her, she suggested  somebody else for me whom she thought more capable of helping me with my specific needs.   That really impressed me a lot.  I felt I could trust such a person.   This  gave me confidence that  she does not do her work for money alone, but she really cares and wants to help.
     We had four sessions together. During all four sessions, I found her to be compassionate,  extremely sensitive to my experiences, affirmative and very professinal.   She helped me  resolve painful experiences from my childhood with remarkable skill and sensitivity.  What  made a big impression on me was when during my treatment she said, "You didn't think  about birthday parties, but fearing what was coming next."  That relieved me greatly because  I realized actually that was what I was supposed to look forward to as a child.
    I highly recommend Andi to anyone who is looking for an excellent EFT coach. "     
 ~ Maria, New York
 “I came to Andi worried about my transition from my current career as a state employee to being an entrepreneur after I retire from state government.  I was also carrying residual pain from a challenging relationship with my mother in my childhood.  Andi helped me to finally release that pain from childhood and to get over the anxiety I had attached to this coming transition in my career life.  Andi has a real gift for engaging her client in meaningful conversation about the issues to be worked on.  Through insightful questions, she gathered from me the stories, memories, and thoughts that I had around these issues and created a perfect script.  The script was so tailored to me that it helped me to reprogram my thought patterns to release the emotional charge that was associated with negative memories and anxious projections of the future.  Andi has a gift for creating the perfect script!” ~Anne, SF

 "Andi Sutherland is warm, well-trained, extremely perceptive and articulate.  I feel safe  in her hands and enjoy working with her.  With her guidance I have worked through  longstanding emotions  and released negative behaviors.  I recommend her for  anyone interested in tapping therapy." ~ Barbara, Santa Fe
"Andi, I want to thank you for a perfect session last Saturday. You are very good at what you  do ... very!... and I appreciate YOU. :) You pay attention and really listen underneath the words,  you create a feeling of safety and warmth, and you use your incredible perceptiveness and wisdom to help me release old stuff! And you make me laugh when I sure do need it!
     My life has totally changed, most of it in those next 5 days after you and I worked together. I left your office with the absolute clarity to make these changes. I'm feeling very much in alignment with Myself right now and I just wanted to acknowledge the huge part you played in  my getting myself here.  Thank you, Andi..." ~ K, Santa Fe

Weight Issues

A year ago, I joined a phenomenal group of women for Andi’s EFT  (tapping) Program on “It’s Not About the Food.” I had been working with Andi for several years and felt that I would gain new insights and ways to help myself around weight and food challenges. Little did I know that  the positive effects would be on-going! I have a more natural consciousness around food choices and the reasons why I ate mindlessly.  Andi’s guidance as “lead tapper” comes from years of experience in the  healing arts and from her own authentic journey. Her sense of humor and  play supplanted the guilt and seriousness around body image,  relationship with food and how we process progress.

     As a result of the program, I have been more self-directed with exercise and healthier selections and less critical of myself.  The best and most helpful part was the companionship of bright, loving, non-judgmental  women, led by Andi. What started as discussions around food, and  sometimes around where we failed, shifted into sharing our personal  growth, success in transformation and a focus on the goodness we are  infusing into the world.

INATF is a class that will uplift your soul and empower you to joyfully embrace the beauty of YOU! ~ Patty O'Sullivan, Ph.D.

More from Patty O'Sullivan, Ph.D.:

"Thank you, Andi, for getting at the heart of being overweight, which is usually what (other than food) is eating my heart out! I enjoyed my time with you and the company of this small band of women who were willing to share their challenges and vulnerability. Powerfully motivating . . . and the results are showing in my thinking, choosing and “bottom” line.  

"This  class really IS about loving and accepting oneself more, and therefore  one's body, too. And that turns out to be one of the big keys to  making healthier choices... for food, for movement and, most  importantly, of the thoughts we think and say about ourselves. Thank you  to Andi for her wise and thoughtful progression of the class, and for  what we were able to release through the EFT. It's all helped me begin  to 'tell a different story' to myself about my body and my relationship  to food. I'm very appreciative of Andi's expertise and loving  guidance... and to all of the other women in our group who created such a  safe space!

Oh, and did I mention that Andi made sure that we all had a lot of fun, too!" ~ K, Santa Fe